Feeling the burn!

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So the school year is coming to a close in most towns and cities across our state. Our town offers a week long vacation bible school the first week after school is out for kids aged preschool – 6th grade. Two of our four littles are old enough to attend. This is the first year any of our children are old enough to participate in a local activity! However, my mama heart, while initially excited for my children, isn’t so sure if this is a good idea. All four of our children have a special need of some type. I want them to have fun and experience different types of activities, but this particular event requires that I leave them for half a day in a classroom full of other kids.  At set up that would mean my kids will see a variety of other behaviors from other kids, some positive and some negative. My children could potentially get into some type of food that would create behaviors at home for the next two weeks for me to deal with.  I stay at home with our babies. All of them adopted or in the process of adoption. We home school the two oldest and the youngest two will be as well. Most people would call me crazy for even considering NOT signing my kids up for VBS! Trust me, I WANT to sign them up. What I don’t want is to sign myself up for the aftermath of over stimulation, potential processed sugar or red dye product induced craziness and a whole host of other things that come with the territory of parenting children from hard places.  Things that a parent of typical children might not think about.  I don’t want to be THAT parent. The one that hangs out just to monitor the littles constantly. The dreaded HELICOPTER MOM!!!

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